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Your landscape for home or office does not have to be patchy grass or concrete with a few shrubs. At Nature Care Landscaping & Masonry we have been providing landscape and masonry design services to the Sacramento CA area since 1977. We are an award winning landscape and masonry contracting company, including the "Best of Sacramento" in 2008 and 2009. Take a look at what we can do for you!

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Synthetic Turf



100% Synthetic Turf

100% Synthetic Turf

Nature Care offers “All Pro” Synthetic Turf and Putting Greens! Besides having a beautiful year round green yard, the most beneficial advantage of having an artificial turf lawn is the lawn low maintenance features. Homeowners need not spend more time “maintaining” their lawn than they do “playing” on it because no watering, mowing, or fertilizing is necessary. A leaf blower is all that’s needed to blow debris off the lawn’s surface.Occasionally, brooming is recommended for high traffic areas to stand the fibers up, but it’s rarely needed. If neighborhood pets find it necessary to do their “duty” on a lawn turf, a little “scooper” is all that’s needed, followed by a quick spray from the garden hose. Our “double backed primary backing system offers unmatched product stability. All Pro Greens lawn turf backing drainsbetter because we add thousands of specifically heat-perforated drainage holes that not only assure the fastest water evacuation, it ensures th eremoval of contaminants, and helps recharge the aquifer. Our porous backing system has been designed to provide maximum drainage and leave the turf fiber perfect even under heavy downpours. The fiber itself is UV treatedand resists the damaging effects of Mother Nature.


Agustin009All Pro Greens uses an all-recycled copper slag or coal slag infill product,that does not compact, change composition, or absorb contaminants.The recycled copper slag or coal slag infill product drains much faster than sand filled systems. Because the slag product will not absorb moisture or contaminants, the infill will not compact or harden over time. The infill surrounds each fiber like natural earth holds a blade of grass and provides a non-compactable,resilient, natural earth feel. The combination between the synthetic grass fibers and the infill delivers the ultimate lawn surface look and feel.